Caserne Inn

The Concept

Welcome to Caserne Inn*, a members-only resort located in pixel-perfect surroundings. Designed to help you work hard and frolic harder, the 2,600,000 sq. ft of historic land is where business becomes pleasure. Thanks to a stimulating environment with high-def vistas and magnificent comfort, your most splendiferous ideas are just a stone’s throw away. By the time you depart, you’ll have more inspiration than fits on your cloud storage.

* Caserne Inn is a stunt initiative by branding & design studio Caserne. The project was initially established to offer their employees a breather from the pandemic by making a country home accessible for work and self-care. Merch and objects were designed to make the concept extra pleasurable. As the second year of COVID sets in, the team felt it was important to bring awareness on how isolation and working from home has impacted mental health. Caserne is making these goodies accessible to the public and is giving all the profits to le CIEL, a foundation that aims to raise awareness for issues related to mental health and social media. It is not a real resort.

The Property

The Video